[sak-kloth] – Coarse, rough cloth, originally made of goat hair, worn as a symbol of mourning or penitence.

Hello, my name is Alex Mansfield. I am a web designer/developer from Washington state.  Sackcloth Studios is the name under which I practice my trade. The unusual name was chosen as a reminder (mostly to myself) that there is more to life than business, more to business than financial success, and more to financial success than personal affluence. This is a large world we live in, full of both joy and tragedy. I don’t want to live in ignorance of either one. Thus the name Sackcloth Studios.

I specialize in designing, developing, and customizing websites built with WordPress. I am fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP, and can use Javascript as well. If you would like me to work with you on your next project, please let me know!